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The history of online trading

The history of online trading

The history of online trading begins in Italy in 1999. The CONSOB issues the first regulation Unique text i financial markets thanks to this, the financial markets were sanctioned by rules.

Online trading then saw a great growth, in fact with the turn of the century there was a great change and spread of trading.

In 1993 when the bag Italian decided to expand the transactions on Sim and accept the connection.

In 1995 he was born Direct Yes, which is the first operator ever to offer a platform to negotiate online.

In 2000 there was the real expansion realizing that it would become the future.

Trading has grown relentlessly since 2000 and there are millions of investors because we have the ability to trade online with any amount.

The history of online trading

How online trading works

Trading as we have said is nothing more than a way of negotiating on the markets through online platforms and a method of investing capital directly from your home.

Trading online means activating a trade, for example of Forex Indices Stocks, through a platform that connects us to the financial markets.

When we decide to be part of the trading world, the first step is to sign up for an online trading platform that will allow us to start being a trader.

To search for the online trading broker it is essential not to make mistakes, where to avoid running into scams or other.

To get started you need to have a PC it's a Internet connection good, the platform must absolutely be certified by some of the most important control bodies.

Some of the major financial protection entities are CySEC e CONSOB, they both monitor brokers and transactions to make sure everything is legal.

Once you have found the right platform, just sign up and start trading in both demo and real life.

I always recommend doing professional training because it is a very complex and difficult job!



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