The guide of the route

First phase dedicated to the neophyte… Using the platform.
Having a Broker professional fundamental choice.
All about indices forex raw material btcoin.
Know and understand i LEVELS! what they are and where they come from.

1. First Topic (Trading seen through the eyes of a professional)
2. Fundamental concepts (Knowing the characteristics of the most liquid market in the world)
3. Basic Guide + size calculation (Familiarize yourself with the tools)
4. Types of inputs and explanation (Market execution orders with graphic explanations)
5. Target and stop (How to enter and why define risk and return)
6. Trading Psychology (Controlling emotions to get a winrate of your real account)
7. Psychological conditioning (Understanding the importance of psychology)
8. Understanding Risk Management (Understanding Risk Management Techniques)
9. Where the price comes from and why (The price is the most important information on the markets)
10. Market Structure (The ability to understand the market structure together with the price is essential for professional operations)
11. Plan before operating (Planning is what distinguishes goals from their achievement)
12. Trading Plan (Trading Plan with practical examples for the organization and structuring of operations)
13. Multi Time Frame Analysis (understanding the graphs from M1 a W1)
14. Read the structure of any market (to understand how the structure of a market and the conditions that characterize it are highlighted)
15. Set up your trading (Trading Plan and answers on all doubts and insecurities)
16. Channel telegram (on posting exercises with corrections of inputs and much more ...)

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