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Do automatic trading

Do automatic trading

Automated trading with Expert Advisor (EA). Using the platform MT4 / MT5 you can develop simple indicators or programs with the language MetaQuotes (MQL).

The latter are called Expert Advisor, and allow you to automate your trading strategies.

A Expert Advisor, Also known as SHE or trading robot, is a program that trades for you under certain conditions.

These conditions represent the heart of the strategy, which is based entirely on reading information, rules, price, technical indicator spreads in a given timeframe.

I have developed a Expert Advisor learning the language MQL and make it a discretionary in my scalping training by having:

STOP LOSS-TAKE PROFIT E TRAILING STOP to earn a lot more pips with RR1 / 5 as an example also in the photo operation open and closed in profit from mine Expert Advisor automatic robot.

Do automatic trading

What does an Expert Advisor look like?

A SHE it is nothing more than a program that done well works as a discretionary and this has a very important value as an investment for any person even for those who do not understand trading.

Just have a minimum of capital like 1.000 euro and he already earns you 50 euro per day.

See my daily sceen as a simple earning !!!

My robot EA consists of a file with the extension .MQ4, .MQ5 o .EX4, .Ex5, to be copied to a folder of MetaTrader.

To put it to work, you have to put it in a chart and you have to activate the functionality of Auto Trading. If you want more detailed information and explanations call me.

The advantages of using an Expert Advisor

Have and use a Expert Advisor has GOOD practical benefits.

First of all, it allows you to trade at any time 24H, even if you are not in front of the computer.

An EA opens or closes positions independently, it doesn't matter if you are sleeping, you are at the supermarket or busy at work. He "EARN" for you!!!

The only condition required is to have your computer connected to a dial-up internet connection with MetaTrader running and works 24H from Monday to Friday.

If you don't want to use your computer, I'll explain how to set up an external trading station.

A further "BENEFIT" BASIC is that a Expert Advisor it will always follow the strategy for which it was created and programmed, without ever having second thoughts or without making errors of evaluation.

It is well known that a big risk factor is due to our psychology: very often we decide to close positions or open new ones following our instinct or our fears and emotions by making mistakes.

Our SHE, it does not have this type of problem, indeed it is a unique investment!

An Expert Advisor can also be tested and see which performance is best suited for the gain



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