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Copy Trading

What is Copy Trading?

The Copy Trading is a form of investment of trading highly innovative in which a trader automatically copies the operations of another obviously professional trader.

The trader who is copied is usually called “Signal Provider” and is usually part of a network of social trading or a social trading platform managed by an online broker.

The first companies Fintech to do the copy trading automated, where traders could automatically copy the trades of other traders, were ZuluTrade in 2007, and then eToro in 2010.

ZuluTrade ed eToro revolutionized the field of copy trading and since then their popularity and presence in the online financial trading landscape has always grown.

Today, traders from all over the world have many social platforms to choose from.

In general, the users who are part of these platforms and network they can view a multitude of statistics on other traders, and then decide whether to follow them or not.

For example, most of the platforms of copy trading allows investors to view overall performance and trader profile.

Copy Trading

It works?

As for the question whether the copy trading it really works, the answer is definitely yes.

It works via an automated trading system. The automated system links part of your portfolio to the portfolio of a trader of your choice.

Depending on the platform of copy trading, you can set specific additional parameters, such as the instruments and types of trades to copy, the amount of capital and even set your own stop loss e take profit.

The platform will then automatically copy the operations of the trader chosen, taking into account the parameters set.

We offer this type of investment very fast and profitable and without having to do anything just withdraw when one wants, logically with a percentage that goes to us of the 30% and the 70% to you.



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